Adventure Review: Xline

There’s always something to do, always something new in Dubai; this time it’s the X-Line. Launched by Dubai’s ambassador for extreme, adventure sports, XDubai, the XLine (a zip-line across Downtown Dubai) had taken over everyone’s minds ever since the Crown Prince of Dubai, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed Al Maktoum tried it out in October 2015. The catch, you could only have a go if you won the experience on social media or received an invite for it.

Luckily both Anoop and I were invited; Anoop was one of the first to get on it in November 2015 and me in January, 2016. So, the thrill ride that flaunts a 558-meter wire begins atop the Burj Residences 3 Tower, 90 meters above ground! Stretching between the Tower in Downtown Dubai, all the way to the top of the Dubai Mall, you will find yourself flying above the Dubai fountains and adjacent to the gleaming and gorgeous Burj Khalifa.

In terms of novelty, this experience is out of this world. Perched on top of the Tower, I had a tough time focusing on the safety instructions while getting harnessed as my mind was a jumble of excitement, slight trepidation and loads of amazement at the vista that lay in front of me. A swift countdown of 5-4-3-2-1 and the ride begins. Spanning a total of about 30 seconds or so, the ride is less of an adrenaline rush and more a breezy journey offering you a breathtaking view of vibrant Downtown Dubai from a very distinctive angle.

The most exhilarating bit, the most G-force you’ll experience in the X-Line, is when you’re pushed off the building because you sail at an angle. All in all we had a blast on this unique zipline and wished it lasted longer.

Once the domain of invitees only, the X-Line is now open to public and is priced at AED 600.

Weight range: Minimum 50KG - Max 110KG. Height range: Minimum 1.40M - Max 2.10M.