Restaurant Review:
Waffle Factory

Burjuman Mall

Waffle Factory originated in Belgium and opened its doors at the end of 1990s and began by serving Liege waffles (one of the most popular types of Belgian waffles that consist of pearl sugar and a brioche-based dough) only. However, within the next few years, the restaurant expanded its menu to include diverse dough recipes for both savory and sweet waffles that made for great meals and desserts respectively. This Belgian gem has finally arrived in Dubai, at the Bur Juman mall.
Waffle Factory boasts of quaint wooden and metal interiors that echo the tradition behind the products. At our recent session, we tried a variety of savory waffles, as follows:

Savoury Waffle

Three cheese Lunch-waf: Cheddar, Emmental and Goat’s cheese unite in this delicious waffle, a dream for cheese-lovers like one half of Stamps and Stubs!

Chicken Tikka Waffle: Comprising of slightly spiced chicken tikka, bell peppers, spicy mayo tikka sauce and Gouda cheese, this one sure did pack a punch and luckily not a very spicy one.
Sweet waffles

Liege: We had this one with a dollop of Raspberry Sorbet and garnished with dark chocolate. Neither of us are fans of Sorbet but we enjoyed the waffle itself which was perfectly soft and fluffy.

Brussels waffle: The famous Brussels waffle, we had this one with some Strawberry ice cream, a generous helping of Nutella and strawberries. One half of Stamps and Stubs has eaten Belgian waffles in Belgium and the general consensus was that this one is a winner! Those of us at the table that weren’t too keen on the strawberry ice cream paired this waffle with some Caramel ice cream which when tried by everyone emerged a true winner. 

Waffine: This variant came with lotus spread on the inside and loads of whipped cream on the top.  The lotus lovers on the table felt like it could have used some more lotus however the rest of us felt like the ratio was perfect!
We also had the Swiss chocolate and Vanilla milkshakes; while the Vanilla was thick and delicious, the Swiss chocolate shake was slightly runny but tasty nonetheless.
Waffle Factory sources out authentic ingredients from their places of origin and manufacture the dough for the waffles and whipped cream in house! The ice creams are from the Movenpick Hotels, thus they’re fresh, delicious and distinct! Waffle Factory have also got a variety of hot and cold beverages and even serve the very popular Kadak chai. The chain intends to keep introducing new items (even options tailor-made for the region), modifying and improving current ones in a bid to delight their connoisseurs and keep them coming back for more. We enjoyed our experience at this Belgian brand, appreciated the hospitality and recommend it.