Restaurant Review:

La Mer

The brainchild of iconic Emirati restaurant, Al Fanar, Treej Café is a fusion Emirati eatery that has been established to suit the tastes and preferences of contemporary audiences, yet bearing a unique touch of the past! Flaunting a slogan that says, ‘Emirati and beyond,’ Treej café is situated at the newly launched and already popular beachfront destination, La Mer. Spanning two floors, the capacious restaurant is decked with framed photos depicting the old-world charm of UAE from many years ago. The traditional tiling, enormous pillars, timeworn door and window frames, warm shades and lighting that adorn the restaurant give you the feeling that you’ve stepped into an Emirati home from the yester years The restaurant has outdoor seating both upstairs and down and with the beautiful weather we are currently experiencing, we chose the immense veranda for our breakfast tasting! The menu features a diversity of either Emirati dishes with international touches or vice versa and despite visiting the restaurant during breakfast time, we were allowed to choose anything off the menu.

Here’s what we had:

  • Shakshooka: Egg in a sauce of tomatoes, chili, pepper and topped with basil leaves
  • Emirati Burrito: Emirati bread with chicken, cheese, chickpeas and special sauce
  • Chebab Pancake: Emirati pancake with lotus
  • Cookie shot with milk
  • Karak milk cake


  • Refuel: Mango, Banana, Peach, Yogurt, Chia Seeds, Honey, Orange and Soy milk

Full to the brim, the Emirati burrito was a proper treat! Great to look at and even better to eat, the burrito with its plethora of flavors made for an ideal breakfast item, or any meal time for that matter. The Chebab pancake was a little heavy on the cardamom flavor while the Shakshooka was dominated by the tomatoes. That is not to say that we didn’t enjoy either but it was the burrito that captured our senses. With respect to the desserts, the cookie shot, albeit tasty, was again too strong on the Emirati flavors and we could hardly taste the chocolate. However, it trumped the Karak milk cake which was a very pretty dessert but didn’t taste as great.

The menu at Treej is quite extensive and we intend on visiting the restaurant once again and trying out whatever we missed. Overall, a few misses aside, we think Treej is fun and
worth a visit for Emirati food fans. 
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