Restaurant Review:
The Garden Grille

Hilton Garden Inn, MOE

Located merely a stone’s throw away from the sprawling Mall of the Emirates, the Hilton Garden Inn is a bright and spacious property that offers great connectivity to quite a few Dubai attractions along with lots to do within the hotel itself. We were recently invited to review the brunch at the Garden Grille, a sunny and cheerful lobby level restaurant with a plethora of assorted counters (no exaggeration here) comprising of live cooking stations, salads, mains and desserts from around the world. There is an expansive cheese counter replete with crackers, walnuts and more but what really got us excited were the sections dedicated to fresh juices (where you could put your selection through the juicer and create your own) and brunch cocktails!
Here’s everything we had:

  • Mixed Seafood Salad
  • Shrimp and Mussels
  • Grilled vegetable salad with feta cheese
  • Nachos with guacamole and sour cream
  • Greek Quinoa salad with feta
  • Provolone, Pecorino, Comte, Asiago cheeses
  • Freshly grilled Chicken Afghani Tikka
  • Chicken Teriyaki Bun
  • Jade Dumplings
  • Freshly grilled herbs marinated lobster garlic
  • Freshly made Fettuccine with cheese, chicken, tomatoes and mushrooms
  • Green Thai Curry with Vegetables
  • Chicken drumsticks in Hot garlic sauce
  • Salmon steak with citrus couscous  
A brunch that has nachos on offer is a brunch that we endorse! With respect to the food, as we mentioned earlier, there is a lot to eat but the ones we’ve listed above are the dishes that we liked best! We paired the food with some freshly squeezed mixed fruit and vegetable juice but also managed to sample all the brunch cocktails on offer which were as follows:

  • Ginger Whiskey: Whiskey, Maple syrup, ginger ale and fresh ginger
  • Passion Colada: Rhum, Passion syrup, blue curacao, pineapple juice
  • Garden Gin: Gin, fresh apple, pear, lime, tonic water and cucumber
  • Red Wine Sangria

Honestly the perfect way to spend a lazy Friday afternoon. Subsequent to filling ourselves on the appetizers and mains, it was time to open up the dessert stomach and feast on the sweet treats created by Executive Chef Gautam Sethi and team. There was a live waffle station and a chocolate fountain that, needless to say, had us go back for more! However, in addition to these, the other desserts that actually impressed us were the following:

  • Honey and Pistachio cake with white mousse
  • Tiramisu

There was a macaron pyramid as well which got us really excited but unfortunately the taste fell short of expectations. If we had to compare, we’d definitely say that the food trumped the desserts!

Overall, Garden Grille is a fun, decadent brunch with live music and great service that makes for the perfect way to spend a Friday afternoon. Best part; you can always hop over to Mall of the Emirates for some retail therapy and calorie burning after. Win-Win!