Restaurant Review:
The Collective

Grand Hyatt
​Oud Metha, Dubai

Once upon a time the Market Café resided here, but that has now given way for The Collective.  We attended the Friday brunch here recently and here’s some advice if you’re planning on dining at this restaurant; you need to have not eaten all day to make good use of the enormous spread. There’s quite a lot to choose from and you are spoilt for choice courtesy of four different segments; the Levantine Emporium, the Grill, the Indian section and the Bakery! With regard to drinks, they have a nice selection of milkshakes, mocktails, Lassi, juices, lemonades, alcoholic drinks, teas and coffees.
We began with the salads, cheeses and mixed grills from the Levantine Emporium! The mutton Kebabs are a must have and pair really well with the Labneh and we also quite enjoyed trying out the different Moroccan stews in the Tagines. The Levantine Emporium also has a live pasta station where you get to interact with the Chef and enjoy a dish created to your liking. Finally, you can end your Levantine journey with some delicious Pide (Turkish style pizza). It was then time to move on to the Grill; we don’t eat beef but there was still much to choose from in this section too. The dishes we couldn’t get enough of were the King Prawns and the Vegetable Pie! Beef eaters can help themselves to ribs, burgers and more.
Next up; the Indian section! You can find the usual suspects like Biryani, Butter Chicken and Mutton Rogan Josh at this counter but what really got us excited was the Parsi style Keema Pav (minced meat with buttery bread)! The Collective prides itself on being one of the few restaurants that serves a couple of authentic Parsi dishes that are generally not easily available around the UAE. A highlight of this section, the Keema Pav is prepared by the amicable Chef then and there and served hot on steel plates in a bid to replicate the way it is served in India.  We also tried another Parsi delicacy, the Patrani Machi (fish garnished with Green chutney and wrapped in a leaf), flavorful but an acquired taste.
It was finally time to hit the Bakery; the ample dessert section that we’d had our eye on the minute we entered the restaurant. The delicious aroma of the freshly baked desserts along with how lovely they looked had us visiting that section and gazing at the sweet treats even while we were still eating dinner. The quaintest part of The Collective, the bakery houses a variety of cakes, cookies, Arabic desserts, Indian desserts, pies, meringues and more! The cookies were delightful and that is an understatement. Oven-fresh the warm, soft, fluffy and sizeable goodies were baked in small batches and served at regular intervals. The chocolate and oatmeal variants were great but the frontrunner had to be the cranberry-white chocolate one! A combination we’d never tried, we couldn’t stop feasting on them and even took some home. We’re never turning our noses up on cranberries anymore. Other than the cookies, we thoroughly enjoyed eating the rich cakes, especially the American Chocolate cake and multiple servings of Gulab Jamuns that were worth every last calorie. There’s also a crepe station at the Collective, so pace yourselves out when dining there.
We ended our indulgent meal with some Masala Chai (flavored Indian tea) and Moroccan tea and constant thoughts of how much we would have to work out the next day, week and month!

Overall, we quite liked the selection of food, drink and (if you can’t gauge from the above) desserts that you munch on amidst a graceful ambiance and recommend the Collective
​for an elegant Friday night out!