Restaurant Review:
Shanghai Chic

Movenpick Hotel, Ibn Battuta Area

With the Holy Month of Ramadan just around the corner, it is quite an exciting time to be in the UAE, what with shorter school & office hours, more time to spend with friends and family and of course, evenings filled with food! So, speaking of food, we have been out and about at various tasting sessions and Iftar previews and we’ve got a restaurant for you to try: Shanghai Chic, an Asian restaurant in the Movenpick Ibn Battuta Gate. Famed for the plethora of vibrant, majestic lanterns lining its corridors, the Arabian-styled hotel is elegant, fragrant and inviting with Shanghai Chic comfortably nestled at the end of one such illuminated corridor on the grand ground floor.

The restaurant itself is a stylish space with warm lighting and a décor comprised of deep, dark shades and our table was a comfortable, semi-private, crescent shaped booth. Shanghai Chic has a unique ‘Unlimited Tasting Night’ concept where you can continue to order off the comprehensive menu until you’re full to the brim. For our session, some of the delicacies we tried were off the unlimited menu while some others were especially prepared by the Executive Chef himself.


  • Zucchini Stuffed Prawns (Mini pasta, Quinoa, Salmon skin, prawn vinaigrette)
  • Pineapple & Crystal pear in pastry cups with Chili, Hoi-sin sambal
  • Kunafa Wrapped Prawns with Sour fruit dressing
  • Chicken BBQ Bun
  • Chicken Siew Mai
  • Sushi Plate
Don’t these dishes sound absolutely delightful! Right from the presentation to the taste pretty much every one of these were a blend of uniqueness and great taste (save for the pineapple and crystal pear which was more of an acquired taste and a tad too spicy). Nevertheless, the arrangement of the pear dish was brilliant with the little pastry cups resting on a bed of dark rice that was a perfect contrast to the bright flowers surrounded it. The Zucchini Stuffed prawns were bite sized but sure did pack a punch while usual oriental favorites, the Sushi and Dim sums were lip-smacking as well.

What really, REALLY stood out though among the delicious appetizers were the Kunafa wrapped prawns. We honestly couldn’t stop raving about this dish because let’s face it, we would never have thought to bring Kunafa, usually only visible on dessert menus, together with prawns! And boy did it work or what. To add to the novelty, this dish arrived in a treasure chest and we can safely say that this dish is a one of a kind gem.


  • Peking Duck Pancakes
  • Double cooked roasted pork belly
  • Seared Sea Snapper (Boemboe Bali, coconut sauce, crispy chicken skin)
  • Shanghai Chic Signature dish: Wasabi Prawns
  • Asian Chic Egg Fried Rice
  • Vegetarian Noodles with wild mushrooms



  • Galangal Panna Cotta with Strawberry Marshmallows and sweet sticky wonton crisps
  • David Tang’s Mango Pudding
  • Pandan Crème brûlée (especially made by the Chef)
If there’s something off the dessert menu that you have to have, it’s the Panna Cotta and as the lovely people at Shanghai Chic got us two of each dessert, we were only too happy to have our own Panna Cotta, definitely no sharing this one! The mango pudding was too tangy for our tastes but that is not to say that others won’t enjoy it, especially those who prefer more fruit based desserts. As for the Crème brûlée, it was tasty but the Pandan infusion ended up giving it a slightly bitter flavor.  Nevertheless, it was still a pretty distinctive twist to an old favorite and props to the Chef for innovation!
To sum up our experience, we loved the inventive food on offer and can’t wait to return to Shanghai Chic for more. At the risk of being repetitive, we have to mention the Kunafa wrapped prawns once again because clearly it will take some time to get over! Make sure you ask your server for this item that might not be on their ever-changing menu because it is one that is not to be missed.