Restaurant Review:
Royal Mughal

Dubai Media City

That the Mughals (who ruled the Indian subcontinent during the 1500s and onward) loved their food is common knowledge. Lavish curries, opulent platters of Kebabs, rich gravies, so on and so forth that drew influences and inspirations from Persia and Central Asia; honestly what’s not to love! Merely thinking about Mughlai cuisine has us salivating uncontrollably.  With these thoughts about food of the Mughals in mind, read on to find out how our tasting at Royal Mughal Bistro went.
First, a little introduction: located in Dubai Media City, Royal Mughal Bistro presents classic Indian and Mughlai dishes with quirky twists. Speaking of quirky, the décor and menu too are embellished with amusing puns, posters, sayings and more that are bound to get some laughs out of you. Let’s move on to everything we had at our tasting:


  • Mango Lassi
  • Turmeric Latte

Picking up on its popularity, Royal Mughal launched the Turmeric Latte just in time as the UAE gets set to cool down. We got the chance to try the drink prior to its launch and quite liked Royal Mughal’s version; a blend of Turmeric, Honey, Milk and topped off with cinnamon powder. It was our drink of choice that evening!   
Easy Bites

  • The Royal Burger: Mutton patty with cheddar cheese, red onions and fried egg
  • Kheema Pav: Minced mutton and green peas with Indian spices, served with toasted buns
  • The Bombay sandwich: a grilled veggie and cheese classic
  • Bhel Salad

What really floored us in the appetizers was the Royal Burger and for a multiplicity of reasons; first, other than perhaps a pav bhaji or a bun kebab, it’s rare to find an actual burger being served at an Indian restaurant. Second, just look at the components of this particular burger; honestly it took over our senses while we were just reading it off the menu and finally, it tasted great. Many a time, the description impresses while the taste disappoints. With the Royal Burger though, what you read is what you get, it is an absolute delight and packs a variety of flavors and the goodness of a burger! The Bombay sandwich is an immensely popular Mumbai street food and we believe the one at Royal Mughal would appeal to those from the city who have stories and emotions attached to the dish. We found it simple and tasty. We’ve made our love for Kheema Pav evident in previous reviews and so, if it’s on the menu, we have to have it. The Royal Mughal version gets full marks. Our final starter, the Bhel salad was alright, nothing to write home about to be very honest.  
Kebabs & Grills

  • Chicken Achari Tikka
  • Paneer Tikka
  • Garlic Chicken Kebab

The garlic chicken kebab which shall be seen on the Royal Mughal menu very soon is a must have! It left the other kebabs (albeit appetizing) in the dust.

  • Gosht Rogan Josh: Mutton shanks cooked in an onion and yogurt gravy
  • Butter chicken: Boneless chicken cooked in a tomato gravy with cream
  • Butter Chicken Quinoa Biryani
  • Cheese Naan and Garlic Naan

Can we just draw your attention towards the Cheese Naan for a few minutes? We’ve had Cheese Naan’s at other restaurants but never one as filled to the brim with cheese as the one at Royal Mughal. The cheese lover amongst us insists that the cheese naan can be eaten on its own sans any curries or gravies. An extra cheesy pizza but with Naan as the base and crust, irresistible! We can continue to wax lyrical about this accompaniment that can actually be a main on its own but let’s discuss the other dishes. The Gosht Rogan Josh and Quinoa Biryani were the other winners here but the butter chicken, not so much. It went into the ‘too sweet’ category.

  • Gulab Jamun

The perfect treat after a gratifying meal!

On the whole, the food at Royal Mughal is good but for us, the stars of the menu were the Royal Burger, Cheese Naan, Turmeric Latte and Gulab Jamun and we definitely see ourselves returning for more of those items!