Restaurant Review:

Al Barsha

If there’s one meal we swear by, it’s breakfast. We believe that breakfast must be eaten like a king and nothing pleases us more than a lavish breakfast on a weekend morning. Thus, our tasting session at Roux Dubai a couple of weekends ago was one that was eagerly awaited and dearly welcomed. Roux, with its bright and relaxed ambiance, joins the other fancy residents of City Walk Phase 2 and features diverse menus filled with breakfast dishes, afternoon meals, drinks, desserts and more that have been crafted using locally sourced quality ingredients.
Here’s everything we had at our recent tasting:

  • Brekky Brioche: Organic Eggs Soft Folded With Caramelized Onions And Jack Cheese In A Light Baked Brioche. Served With Japanese Hot Sauce And Belgium Mayonnaise.
  • Shake Your Shuka: Home-Made Signature Cherry Tomato Sauce, Organic Eggs Seasoned With Paprika And Coriancer And Served With A Blend Of Lightly Whipped Natural Greek Yoghurt And Labneh.
  • Mom’s Flatbread: Roux’s Own Recipe Flat Bread Topped with a Variety of Tastes. We Had the Home-Made Cherry Tomato Sauce, Oven Baked Egg with Fresh Spinach and Melted Buffalo Mozzarella.

Is this a breakfast of champions or what? Shakshuka is quickly becoming one of our breakfast favorites and the one at Roux is quite the treat. Slightly runny yolk with tangy sauces and the doubly creamy Yoghurt & Labneh; the flavors and texture of the Shakshuka were plain perfect. While one of us couldn’t stop singing praises of the Shakshuka, the other was completely enamored by the warm and delicious brekky brioche. Brioche bread with everything for us from now on please! We did enjoy the flatbread as well but not as much as we did the other two dishes. We paired the food with some fresh Green Apple juice.  
We gratified our sweet teeth with THE CHEATING WRAITH, Roux’s signature recipe waffle stuffed with Oreos and topped with marshmallows, oven baked and garnished with maltesers and milk chocolate sauce on the side. Although this sounds entrancing, in all honesty it was just alright. There was too much going on with this dessert and we think it may have been better to go with THE LOST BREAD instead which came highly recommended. For our post breakfast drinks, we opted for the ROSE LATTE and a fruity tea blend (which we chose from their elegant tea sniffing tray) and relished both drinks.

We are quite fond of the restaurants in City Walk and love the brightness and exuberance exuded by each. With Roux, we can safely say that we have found another restaurant to add to our list of places to go to when the copious weekend breakfast cravings kick in!