Restaurant Review:

Arabian Centre

If you’ve grown up in the UAE, at some point of your life you would have eaten the famous mini pizzas from the renowned Caesars Restaurants & Confectioneries. These mini pizzas and other goodies from Caesers were commonly found in school canteens and birthday parties and were snacks that were always eagerly awaited and swiftly consumed (even till date a lot of us Dubai kids light up when we spot them anywhere)! Now, the man behind Caesers and its popularity, Mr. Robert D’sa, introduces another venture that is divided into a bakery (comprising of the items mentioned above) and a sit-down restaurant. We got the chance to discover Romy’s (formerly Macy’s) at a recent tasting session at the restaurant’s Arabian Center branch. This particular outlet has private dining rooms each fitted with a bell when you need to beckon a server, a terrace that offers a view of planes landing and is perfect for Dubai winters and a seating area inside the mall itself. As we made ourselves comfortable in one of the private dining rooms, our server placed a huge Roomali papad on the table and began guiding us through the extensive menu comprising of Indian, Far Eastern, Iranian and Arabic delicacies. Here’s everything we had:


  • Fresh Apple Juice
  • Fresh Lime Mint  

  • Minced Prawns On Toast
  • Romys Special Chicken
  • Malai Lobster
  • Butter Chicken
  • Kheema Masala
  • Roomali Roti
  • Garlic Naan
  • Chelo Kabab Kubideh
  • Prawn Butter Garlic Teppanyaki
  • Chicken Szechuan
  • Romys Special Seafood Fried Rice

Our favorites among the lot were the Romy’s Special Chicken, the Malai Lobster, Keema Masala, the Chelo Kabab Kubideh and the Prawn Butter Garlic Teppenyaki. This is not to say that the other dishes fell short of expectations but the above mentioned ones definitely exceeded them. All our reservations about the lobster vanished when we took our first bite of the dramatic dish; creamy and delicious! The Iranian Kabab Kubideh was a tender treat to the taste buds with each bite packing immense flavor. The prawns made for the perfect pairing with the fried rice and boy were they jumbo or what; a fact that delighted us immensely. Overall, the food was quite good but we must mention that the portions are HUGE and we say this sans any exaggeration. So, order wisely because you’ll need room for dessert.

  • Ras Malai
  • Malai Kulfi

Speaking of desserts, we managed to make room for not just one but two and thank God we did because the two that we had are not to be missed. One bite of the milky Ras Malai and all our thoughts of being full to the brim vanished. We thought we’d tasted the best of Romy’s with the Ras Malai but then we took a bite of the Kulfi that is prepared in house and the Ras Malai subsequently moved to second place. Honestly, we fall short of words to describe the ambrosial treats, if only we could show you our reactions at every bite. In terms of quantity, their desserts too are quite large so pace yourselves accordingly.

Us Dubai kids quite enjoyed our session at Romy’s and a wave of nostalgia swept over us as we passed by the bakery section and spotted those pizzas that made us squeal with delight as kids.