Restaurant Review:

Double Tree by Hilton
JBR, Dubai

A London favorite has opened its doors in Dubai and we got the opportunity at a recent tasting session to discover the edgy, cool spirit of this iconic restaurant.   Ramusake was officially launched in Dubai in May 2016 and is modeled on Japan’s popular Izakaya establishments, essentially informal Japanese gastropubs. Situated on the ground level of the Hilton Double Tree at the Jumeirah Beach Residences, Ramusake flawlessly blends a stylish, sophisticated ambiance and a vibe and décor that is reminiscent of the radical restaurant concepts of Japan. As for the food and drink, Ramusake has an wide-ranging menu of drinks and grub that have been given innovative and contemporary touches while staying true to the characteristics and tastes of authentic Japanese food.

  • Asahi (Rising Sun, an alcohol based beverage):  This beverage is a perfect is a perfect combination of caramel, fresh flower and sourness and consists of Nikka from the Barrel, Kwai Feh Lychee, roasted ginger, Yuzu Juice and simple syrup.
  • Last Ronin: Fresh Lime, Fresh Mint Leaves, Fresh Mango & Passion Fruit​
  • Geisha: Watermelon, Fresh raspberries, cranberry juice and fresh basil leaves
  • Mocking bird: Lychee and Passion Fruit, Lavender & Honey Foam
The refreshing coolers and cocktails are the ideal thirst quenchers especially keeping the Dubai summer in mind. We loved the diverse combinations and even more creative names of the drinks and noticed that each had their own inimitable aspects be it the presentation or the contents!

  • Sweet Potato Fries with a Kimchi Dip
  • Seaweed Salad with Edamame 
Perfectly crunchy and not too sweet, the fries were delicious but it was the Kimchi dip that awed us even more. We couldn’t get enough of the dip and dousing the fries in it became an almost rhythmic movement for both of us, we just couldn’t stop! The seaweed salad was a light and flavorful  way to prepare our stomachs for what lay ahead.

  • Volcano Roll (Soft shell crab, Avocado, Jalapeno Mayo)
  • Tuna Sashimi Pizza (Truffle Ponzu, Wasabi Tabiko)
  • Fried Truffle and Cheese Dumpling
  • Takoyaki Omelette (Octopus, pickled ginger, Unagi sauce, Bonito flakes)
  • Miso Black Cod
  • Cedar Smoked Lamb Chops (Spicy Korean Miso, Grilled Lime)
Look at those mains! If you’re dubious about having “Pizza & Omelette” at a Japanese restaurant, you have to think again because these two dishes are absolute must-haves at Ramusake! The Tuna Sashimi pizza couples delicious fried Tortillas with toothsome Sashimi colored green by wasabi in a combination that leaves an explosion of flavors in your mouth. The Omelette is not just appealing for its novelty but also for how tasty it is what with octopus, bonito flakes and even hints of cheese making for a rich mishmash of savors. Who else agrees that cheese makes everything better? Add truffle to the mix and wrap it in a dumpling and you’ve got a true winner in the Fried truffle and cheese dumpling!

When it comes to the Miso Black Cod, we’ve eaten some really great versions and variations of the dish at restaurants across Tokyo and Dubai too, so we’ve set a Miso Cod benchmark if you must. Well we are pleased to tell you that the Ramusake version is outstanding and definitely meets the benchmark we’ve set. Full marks to the Cedar Lamb Chops which are cooked to perfection and boast of some enjoyable zests! The only item that although tasty, fell slightly short in comparison to the other dishes was the Volcano Roll which was also on the saltier side.


  • Fruit Platter with Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla and Green Tea Mochi

Nestled between a selection of ripe, colorful fruits including pineapples, strawberries, plums, passion fruit and more, were the three different types of Mochi; Chocolate Mocha, Green Tea and Vanilla. After devouring the platter with our eyes, we started working our way through the fruits and Mochi and loved the partly healthy but entirely delicious end to the meal.
Ramusake is intriguing, elegant and the ideal place to visit for some delicious and innovative Japanese food and drink and an ambiance that is as relaxed as it is funky. The service is superlative (shout out to our lovely server, Kimberly, who patiently guided us through the menu and took great care of us too) and the other friendly faces around the restaurant. Striking Japanese paintings coupled with vibrant lanterns, chilled vibes and an imaginative menu together ensure that Ramusake gets the crown for the trendiest address in town!