Restaurant Review:
Poco Loco

The Beach
​Jumeirah Beach Residence

Connoisseurs of Latin American cuisine in Dubai, we have a restaurant for you try (in case you haven’t already); Poco Loco! Located at JBR, The Beach and spanning two storeys with a terrace overlooking the sea, Poco Loco unites the traditional flavors of the cuisine with the current urban Latin lifestyle. The dishes at Poco Loco hail from the South American continent, and draw influences from countries like Peru, Mexico, and Venezuela among others. The restaurant is founded and helmed by head chef Neil Witney who has not just traveled across South America but has also opened other famous concepts around London. 
The menu is predominantly made up of sharing platters but there is a section listing a few mains as well. To be very honest, the sharing platters are many in number and appear more mouthwatering than the mains which is why we ordered a variety of those in lieu of the mains at our recent session. Here’s everything we had:


  • Mango/Passion Fruit Margarita
  • Poco Loco Sangria (Red fruits sparkled up with ginger ale)

  • Cheese Sticks And Salsa Verde
  • Poco Loco Nachos, Pinto Beans, Sour Cream And Gratinated Cheese
Ceviches & Tiraditos
  • Barracuda Ceviche, Coconut Cream And Mango
  • Yellow Fin Tuna, Chilli Chipotle, Avocado And Crispy Leek
Taco Tasting Tray which consisted of the following tacos:

  • with soft-shell crab, avocado, and chipotle mayo
  • with roasted lamb and pasilla sauce
  • with grilled chicken al pastor, tomatillo salsa and pineapple
  • with roasted mushrooms, corn and courgette, pecorino and clotted cream
  • with shrimp tempura and jalapeno salsa

(There is a steak variant available as well but as we don’t eat beef we got two of the lamb instead and what a decision that was, might we add)
So, out of everything we ate, our favorites had to be the following:

  • The cheese sticks which were quite unlike the usual cheese sticks you may have had but were actually thick blocks of cheese wrapped in fried batter. A dream for every cheese lover!
  • Barracuda ceviche; it was our first time trying Barracuda and we loved it especially with the garnishes and accompaniments!
  • The tacos! Like we said, we were really pleased with our decision to order two of the lamb as it was the most delicious one of all! Special mentions go out to the shrimp tempura and soft shell crab versions as well. To cut a long story short, GET THE TACO TRAY, you won’t regret it.

You may think that sharing plates wouldn’t be sufficient and we did too at the time of ordering but boy were we wrong! The sharing plates were quite filling and we honestly had no room to order anything off the main section. What we did have room for was dessert and here’s what we ended our meal with:

  • Tres Leches, Mexican Vanilla and Toasted Hazelnuts
  • Warm Chocolate fondant, Vanilla ice cream and Cacao Nibs
If you ever decide to visit Poco Loco make sure you leave enough room for dessert because the Tres Leches is a must have! Moist Vanilla sponge cake is drenched in milk and caramel and topped off with extremely velvety cream; just writing about it makes us want to go back and eat plate after plate of this dessert. Honestly, the Tres Leches at Poco Loco is worth every extra minute you will have to spend working it off, trust us! As for the warm chocolate fondant, it is quite tasty as well but pales in comparison to the Tres Leches. What we found uber cool is that Poco Loco manufactures its own ice creams daily and you can tell that it is homemade from the texture, freshness and taste. Lip-smacking!

A huge space that is adorned with energetic art on the walls, Aztec and Incan relics on the tables and all around, an excellent view (that can be enjoyed during the Dubai winters), good food and even better dessert; Poco Loco makes for an enjoyable experience!