Restaurant Review:
Pind Da Dhaba

Al Karama

Planning how to stay cool during the sweltering summers in Dubai is something that begins before winter even ends in this part of the world. The month of June brings with it soaring temperatures and thus, the #BeatTheHeat event with JWD PR really arrived at the perfect time! Hosted at Pind Da Dhaba, “an authentic rustic Dhaba style restaurant where food meets love and love meets “Asli” Punjabi taste.” Dhabas are rural, roadside restaurants in North India and Pakistan, frequented by truckers who travel long distances between both countries. While once upon a time, Dhabas used to solely be the domain of truck drivers, it soon gained popularity amongst the urban population as well and currently, many restaurants in cities within India/Pakistan and outside, simulate the setting, style and cuisine of the traditional Dhaba.
The menu for the event was divided into three categories; Lassi, Rolls and Kulfi. These may sound simple and straightforward but wait till you hear the flavors we were treated to:


  • Mango
  • Raw Mango
  • Paan
  • Coconut
  • Rose
  • Lychee
  • Kiwi
  • Strawberry and


Before discussing the flavors, we must mention that we were served the lassis in Kulhads, traditional Terracotta cups that added a further touch of authenticity to the Dhaba feel. The Delhiite half of Stamps and Stubs totally got a kick out of the Kulhads! In a bid to get us to try the array of flavors, we were given slightly smaller kulhads than usual but some of the flavors were so irresistible that we ended up having full portions of them after all. The best of the lot for both its novelty and its taste was the Bubble gum Lassi that had pretty much all of us attendees squealing in delight! Refreshingly delicious Rose, Lychee, Kiwi and the ever popular Mango came close seconds.

Kathi Rolls:

While the most appetizing of the lot was the Mutton roll, it was also the spiciest. One half of Stamps and stubs doesn’t like spicy anything but the other half that can take it found the mutton one too spicy as well. Toning down the level of spice in this one would increase its popularity in our opinions. The other two options were nice and better in terms of the spice level.



Who can resist some velvety, cold dairy goodness in the summer? Well we definitely couldn’t and feasted on the Kesar, Malai, Paan, Chocolate and Mango versions! You know you can’t go wrong with classic flavors like Malai and Kesar and this stood true at Pind Da Dhaba too. Mango and Chocolate were quite scrumptious too but the Paan (betel leaf based mouth freshener) variant slightly disappointed as it did in the Lassi category as well. We have had Paan kulfis in Delhi and the one at Pind Da Dhaba did not match up to its counterpart in India, at least according to us.

On the whole, we thoroughly enjoyed beating the heat with these timeless delicacies and can’t wait to go back to Pind Da Dhaba and feast on what else they have to offer. Have a good summer!