Restaurant Review:
Per Te

Jumeirah 1, Behind Jumeirah Plaza, Dubai

Situated in a comparatively quieter part of Jumeirah, the sprawling multi storey Per Te is in the truest sense, your neighborhood Italian restaurant. Operating out of what was once a duplex villa, the cozy Italian restaurant houses seating areas on both the ground and first floor, an outdoor seating area that is perfect for the current weather and a little space selling Italian culinary products like Pasta, Truffle oil and more. We were recently invited to the restaurant to welcome their new Chef, Andrea Russo and try out some of his delicacies.
Our menu for the evening looked something like this:


  • Mozzarella Balloon Stuffed With Mozzarella And Parmesan Mousse, Served With Cucumber Tartare And Tomato Water
  • Saffron Risotto With Shrimps, Purple Potatoes And Black Bread Crumbs

Main course

  • Baccala “All’acqua Pazza” With Fregola. Cherry Tomato, Capers, Thyme, Black Olives And Garlic.


  • The Chef Is ‘Per Te’: Panna Cotta, Salty Caramel, Saffron Ice Cream, Fried Sweetened Tagliatelle Pasta, Toffee Golden Sauce And Fizzy Fruit
The Mozzarella balloon was a spoonful of savors! Honestly, what’s better than cheese? More cheese! And that is exactly what this dish was, there’s cheese stuffed inside more cheese and to put it simply, it is plain delightful. The risotto was not just a treat to eat but one to look at too, what with the vibrant tints of purple, yellow and pink adorning the dish. Quite tasty too. With regard to the main, the Baccala (a salted Cod popular in Italian cuisine) appealed to the seafood lover among us but not so much to the one not too fond of it. The one of us that does like it quite enjoyed this dish! It was also quite nice to try authentic Italian fare other than the usual Pizza and other such (that is not to say we won’t be coming back for the pizzas). We paired the food with delicious Bellinis.

Finally dessert! And might we add that this was a performance to behold. The Chef is per te literally translates to the chef is FOR YOU and thus Chef Andrea created this dessert on each table, putting on a show that had us gazing at what we’d like to call edible art! Over the course of a couple of minutes, Chef Andrea whipped up a creamy, pretty, colorful Panna Cotta that boasted of not just a variety of flavors and ingredients but tasted wonderful too.

Overall, we quite liked Per Te’s charming, warm interiors with its classic pizza oven and delectable aromas wafting across the restaurant. We would like to extend our warmest wishes to Chef Andrea and look forward to returning to Per Te to bear witness to more of his captivating presentations and feast on his brand of flavorsome Italian food.