Restaurant Review:
OneLife Kitchen & Cafe

Dubai Design Destrict

Last year we attended an event called ‘Meet D3’ that was basically a 3 day fete that sort of introduced the public of UAE to Dubai Design District, a cool space that celebrates all things design! We absolutely loved the event, the idea behind D3 and D3 itself and were eager to return to exciting D3. Recently, we were invited for a tasting at One Life Kitchen & Café, a bright and healthy restaurant that is in the heart of D3 and needless to say, we couldn’t wait for the day!
One Life Kitchen and Café aims to create tasty dishes that use real ingredients and are healthy to boot. The cheerful space flaunts a colorful décor with items that have been painstakingly acquired from around the world after much research, attention to detail and clarity on the part of the owners! We also liked the little bookshelf in the corner, a welcome addition for those who want to relax, get some reading done and leisurely sip or munch on something. Let’s get to the food and drink now, here’s what we had (recommended by one of the owners):


  • Organic eggs on Toast with sliced tomatoes and avocado on the side (we opted for scrambled)
  • Shakshoumi: 2 organic eggs oached in a tomato and capsicum sauce with fried halloumi topped with pesto
  • Stacked Bancakes: Gluten-free, dairy free topped with raspberries, blueberries and almond flakes

  • Pomegranate juice
  • Chocolate Mint Truffle Organic Bottomless Tea
  • Flat White

We thoroughly enjoyed everything we had, even more so because we knew we were feasting on delicious food that’s healthy thus we ate sans any guilt! The Shakshoumi and the pancakes, or rather Bancakes are must haves. The Gluten-free Bancakes make for some great dessert and prove that healthy food can also be an utter treat to the tastebuds! The drinks were great too; the novelty of the Chocolate Mint Truffle amazed us and we knew we had to give it a try! What hits you first is the fragrance and then the taste and tea lovers would enjoy this organic blend.
On the whole, One Life Dubai is a sunny restaurant in vibrant D3 that stays true to its claim of healthy yet tasty food. We just tried the breakfast (which is served all day) at One Life but they’ve got a cool selection of lunch and dinner items as well! Give the restaurant a try, neither will you be disappointed nor guilt-ridden!