Restaurant Review:
Mori Sushi

Downtown Boulevard

Japanese food with hints of Brazilian flavors; doesn’t that sound great? Well this is what Sao Paulo based restaurant, Mori Sushi offers at their first outlet in the region in Dubai. Discovered on a trip to the country, Mori Sushi is the brainchild of some ambitious entrepreneurs who bought the rights and got their Japanese-trained gastronomic professional to learn everything from Mori’s owner.  Essentially, Mori Sushi serves up a variety of creative dishes with a mix of Japanese and Latin savors in a warm setting in busy Downtown Dubai.  
At our recent tasting, here’s everything we had:


  • Lime Coconut: Lime juice with coconut milk and lemon zest
  • Mojito Passion: Passion fruits, pineapple, lemon and fresh mint

  • Bon Bon: Baby shrimps, red cheddar, mozzarella cheese and sweet chili sauce
  • Spicy shrimp mayonnaise: Shrimp tempura served with spicy mayo
  • Scallop Foie Gras: scallops, foie gras (duck liver) served with Miso yaki
Nigiri Sushi & Mori’s special Nigiri

  • Crispy Salmon Cheddar
  • Unagi Eel
  • Tuna Crackers with crispy rice

Gunkan (The Gunkan rice is a fusion of dill, pine nuts, coriander and green onion)

  • Gunkan Harumaki: Rice, spicy tuna, teriyaki sauce, roasted white sesame rolled in spring roll sheet
  • Gunkan Fresh Crab: Rice, crab, lemon mayonnaise sauce rolled in fresh mango slices

Special URA

  • Crispy shrimp and avocado roll
  • Lasagna Roll: Shrimp, asparagus, mozzarella cheese, sesame sauce and Sriracha sauce
  • Special Ura Calamari Roll: vegetables tempura, fried calamari with lemon mayonnaise

Hot Roll Tempura

  • Spicy Lemon roll: mixed shrimp and salmon
  • Hot Halloween roll: Salmon, caviar, crab sticks, cream cheese, lemon mayonnaise sauce and spicy mayonnaise


  • Kani Temaki: Crab Sticks
The Mori Sushi menu is gigantic but we managed to navigate the mouth-watering labyrinth with some help from our server and our own food memories from our Japan trip! The Bon Bon comes highly recommended and as we took our first bites of the dish we understood why. The combination of cheeses with the shrimp and then the Asian sauce was a celebration in our mouths. This is an appetizer but we still wish there could have been more than four pieces on a plate of this dish. Delicious and a must have! Our most preferred items from the other categories we mentioned were the

  • Scallop Foie Gras (those who like duck will especially enjoy this one)
  • Crispy Salmon Cheddar
  • Tuna Crackers with crispy rice (the crispy rice was an excellent touch and textures were brilliant in this one)
  • Gunkan Fresh Crab: This was our first time trying the Gunkan and Mori Sushi’s versions ensure that we will continue ordering this whenever we spot it on a Japanese menu
  • Lasagna Roll: Unique!
  • Special Ura Calamari Roll
  • Hot Halloween roll: Flavors abound in this one!
  • Kani Temaki: The first time we had Temaki (conical sushi hand roll that has seaweed on the outside with seafood fillings, here we had crab sticks and rice on the inside) was in Tokyo and albeit this didn’t match up to the one from the country, it was still a pretty good version.

Sushi and its, if I may label it this way, family members are often considered an acquired taste with some finding it too ‘raw’ or ‘fishy’ to consume while others praise it to no end. We at Stamps and Stubs sort of belong in both these categories with one of us being a huge fan of the food while the other likes it but in a limit. However, we felt that Mori Sushi catered to both our tastes and preferences and, with some unusual groupings and dishes on offer, provides an interesting and remarkable twist to traditional Japanese food.