Restaurant Review:

Jumeirah Rd 
​Dubai, UAE

We are milkshake fans and so, every new milkshake place that opens its doors in the city piques our interest! We were recently invited to try out popular Indian brand, Milshake Kulture, which has outlets across India in Bhopal, Delhi and will be inaugurating more in the future. The brand commits itself to providing consumers with delicious, high-quality milkshakes that are healthy to boot. We headed to the brand’s first branch in Dubai in Jumeirah 3 where delicious milkshake ingredients were laid out in a cozy kitchen that is nestled between fun interiors in tranquil blue and white shades. Here are the shakes we tried:

  • Lotus
  • Swiss Chocolate
  • Cookies & Cream
  • Blueberry Blast

To be very honest, when we looked at the menu, Blueberry blast was a flavor we hadn’t even considered but eventually ordered it on the recommendation of the milkshake maker and are we glad we did! What a pleasant surprise this flavor was; not too heavy on the berry, not too thick in texture and completely packed with scrumptious flavor and it was unanimous; this unique blueberry shake was our favorite of the lot! The other shakes were lip-smacking too; one of us really enjoyed the Swiss chocolate while Lotus captured the senses of the other.

Overall, Milkshake Kulture stays true to its promise of high-quality, light and very tasty shakes and we intend to head back to try every flavor on that menu!  
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