Restaurant Review:

Downtown, Dubai

We spent some lovely moments at Iftar at the cozy, inviting villa style Armenian restaurant, Mayrig, that’s situated on the Emaar Boulevard. The two storey cottage boasts of beautiful, Armenian décor blending classic storybook elements such as “a young girl on a long and lonely voyage, a beautiful stone house by the sea and a book of fiercely guarded recipes.” The term Mayrig translates to “Little Mother” and is a term of endearment that Armenians use to address their grandmothers with. With slight influences from Mediterranean and Lebanese cuisines, Mayrig Dubai brings forth timeless dishes from Armenia using fresh ingredients and offering genuine tastes and flavors in a charming setting.
Our table was already well laid out with dates, salads and other vibrant dishes as we arrived a little bit before Iftar. We had the Ayran and Qamardeen for drinks, the former is a must have!


  • Fattoush
  • Pandjarov Sarma: Stuffed Swiss Chard with olive oil
  • Vaspov Keufteh: Lentil Kebbeh
  • Hummus
  • Mouhamara
The Fattoush and Hummus were delicious and quite similar to the usual versions we have eaten in other Levant restaurants but the stars of the show were definitely the Pandjarov Sarma and the Mouhamara, both were perfectly flavorful and items that we could hardly stop eating once we started. The Lentil Kebbeh was more of an acquired taste and we would have preferred it slightly cooked.

Hot Appetizers

  • Soubeureg: Layered pastry with three cheeses
  • Gdzou Patates: Spicy fried potatoes

One half of Stamps and stubs is a major cheese connoisseur and needless to say, that half was delighted with the Soubeureg. A true feast for the senses, it was enjoyed by one and all; you need to sink your teeth into this cheesy delight whenever eating at Mayrig. The spicy potatoes were bursting with delicious flavor too!

  • Spanakhov Mante: Spinach Dumplings with tomato sauce and yoghurt
  • Oriental chicken with Rice
  • Mutton with vegetables

As we don’t eat beef, the set menu was slightly modified for us where we got the above items in lieu of the usual Minced meat mante and other such. The chicken and mutton were both cooked to perfection and flaunted excellent textures. The mante was interesting too.

  • Banirov Maamoul
  • Sultani Anoush
  • Ashtalieh Ice Cream

We remember stuffing ourselves with Date Maamouls as kids but this was our first time having the Banirov version which is essentially a cheese filled shortbread pastry. Doused with rose syrup, these delicious pastries were the perfect marriage of crisp biscuit and warm cheese! The Sultani Anoush, milk pudding with apricot coulis and pistachios was not as appetizing as it sounded or looked; it was quite insipid and reminded us more of a palate cleanser than dessert itself. However, the bland Anoush laid the way for the wonderful Ashtalieh ice cream which was the ice cream version of the famous milk pudding. Ah! The ideal summer indulgence!
We thoroughly enjoyed our first proper Armenian meal at Mayrig, an experience enhanced by the culture and heritage that shines bright through the relics adorning the restaurant. Friendly service and a warm ambiance made for a charming evening and we shall definitely be back for more!