Restaurant Review:

Box Park

Aromas, flavors, traditions and a dash of borrowed influences from other cookeries are what make up Emirati cuisine! Where we once thought that there was a scarcity of the Emirati restaurants in the UAE, we are now pleased to see that quite a few Emirati restaurants (although still not enough) are swiftly making their mark in the country. One such restaurant is Logma, a bright, casual, bustling restaurant that flaunts an ambiance and interiors rife with Emirati relics and pictures. One of the highlights for us is the music! Your ears are treated to Khaleeji instrumental versions of famous pop songs, for instance, how cool does this sound and it is actually played at Logma: Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean recreated using the Oud and Rababa. Moving to the food, here is everything we had at our recent tasting at the restaurant:


  • Biscuit Shake
  • Atlantis  

  • Logma Fries
  • Chapatti Bites
  • Falafel Salad
  • Roasted Chicken Khameer
  • Chicken Club Khameer
  • Machbous Chicken

The Biscuit shake is a must have and if you are a fan of Digestive biscuits, the shake is something you’d imagine a Digestive biscuits dessert to be like. The best part? It isn’t overly sweet or heavy! Atlantis, a mix of lychee, passion fruit and lime made for a satisfying complement to the food.

The famous Logma fries; seasoned with Khaleeji spices and crisp herbs, this appetizer is one that we will definitely keep returning to Logma for. It deserves the praises it gets and is a toothsome treat. The Chapatti bites with chicken, cream cheese and garnished with herbs and pomegranate were a pleasant surprise. Love the intermingling of Indian and Khaleeji flavors in this dish. The Falafel salad topped with tahini and surrounded by leafy greens is tasty and one that we loved feasting on sans any guilt. Finally, the mains. Boasting of flavors comprising of international and Khaleeji favorites, the filled to the brim sandwiches were delicious and the soft and fresh Khameer was just perfect. Our final main was the Machbous Chicken; a chicken and rice dish that is slightly reminiscent of Biryani but is distinct in its seasoning. Earthy spices, dry fruits, raisins and more make up the fluffy rice dish that arrived with some Raita (an Indian Yogurt based accompaniment) and as we began feasting on this one, we understood why it has such popularity in the region.

  • Chebab Katayef: Crispy Chebab Pancake, Date, Mascarpone, Saffron, Cardamom Syrup And Vanilla Ice Cream

Poring through the dessert menu was an exciting and confusing affair but we finally settled for the Chebab Katayef and boy are we glad we did! This generous sweet treat is chock-full of delicious Macarpone and oozes with syrup! A spoonful of the sweet with some vanilla ice cream made for the best way to end this meal. The Chebab Katayef impressed us so much that we have put it down on our “must have at Logma” list.

We washed the luxurious meal down with some Karak Tea and Green Tea (much needed after all that consumption). 

If lip-smacking Emirati food, a lovely ambiance amidst the colors of Box Park and remarkable service are what you’re looking for, then Logma is the place to go to!