Restaurant Review:
La Pulpe

Oud Metha, Dubai

A restaurant with cheery interiors, La Pulpe largely serves an assortment of fresh fruit juice blends that are tasty, rich in nutrients and as the name suggests, filled with pulp! Juices however are not solely what La Pulpe offers and you will undoubtedly find yourself giving into temptation as you look at their selection of Kickers and Freakshakes. At least we sure did!
La Pulpe takes its name very seriously and so, even the kickers, which are essentially milkshakes made up of different chocolates and flavors, contain nice, thick pieces of chocolate which are basically referred to as pulp by the restaurant. We quite like their way of thinking. Here’s what we had:

  • Galaxy Kicker
  • Lotus Kicker
  • Purple Haze (Peach, pineapple, strawberry, banana)
  • Triple Cheese sandwich
  • Chicken Sandwich
 The sandwiches were good but mere accompaniments to the drinks! The shakes were delightful. We couldn’t resist the Lotus biscuits and Galaxy chocolate pieces or rather “pulp” and every sip we took of the shakes were AMAZING; worth every calorie! As for the juice, we get why La Pulpe swear by their juices because the combination of fruits along with the generous amounts of pulp will make you want to jump on the healthy bandwagon if everything healthy tastes like this! We already have a wish list of what’s next for us from La Pulpe!

On the whole, La Pulpe is a charming little place that was packed with groups of people; some enjoying football on TV, a few playing card games and others indulging in delicious drinks and good conversations. What we’re trying to say is that cozy La Pulpe is a no frills place for all ages, be it in terms of the experience or the drinks, you will be spoilt for choice!