Restaurant Review:
Kaffa Beans

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Coffee connoisseurs, pay attention, because this review is for you! Nestled in Dubai Silicon Oasis is Kaffa Beans, a restaurant that serves all meals of the day along with SPECIALTY COFFEE! Kaffa Beans is the brainchild of Andy, who manages the restaurant when he’s not up in the air flying an Emirates aircraft. We had a lovely long chat with him during our tasting and discovered his passion for food and more importantly, specialty coffee. It was quite the learning experience for us as well as Andy gave us some insight into specialty coffee, how it differs from commercial coffee, the variants that they offer in the restaurant and how he plans on propagating knowledge about this category of coffee.  

During our session, Andy insisted that we try some of their breakfast items and nothing delights us more than having breakfast food during lunch (his suggestions were also beneficial for us as the menu is extensive)! Here’s everything we had:

  • Eggs Benedict: Poached Egg With A Rich Hollandaise Sauce, Crisp Bacon Strips Served With Salad (Ours Was Sans Bacon)
  • Egg With Smoked Salmon And Avocado: Scrambled Egg With Smoked Salmon Topped With Crisp Capers And Avocado
  • Spicy Chicken Slider: Spicy Chicken Breast, Fried Jalapeno, Cheddar Cheese And In-House Slider Sauce
  • Pulled Chicken Slider: Shredded Smoky Pulled Chicken, In-House Spicy Slider Sayce And Coleslaw
  • Carrot Cake
  • Pistachio Cake
  • Cinnamon Roll
  • Flat White
  • Wild Guava Leaves Tea

Overall, the food was good. The eggs were done right and the capers were a nice touch in the scrambled eggs dish thereby lending a mundane dish a new flavor! One half of Stamps and Stubs couldn’t stop gushing over the pulled chicken slider, even calling it one of the best they’ve had in Dubai. Caution though, it was quite spicy, in fact even more so than the spicy chicken slider. The pistachio cake lined with generous amounts of cream was such a treat! That is not to say the carrot cake was not good, it was tasty but overshadowed by the pistachio one. I guess because pistachio cakes are rare to find and the few that we have had have always fallen short of expectations, so we just couldn’t get enough of this one. The cinnamon roll was just alright, and the texture could use some improvement. There are a host of drinks on the menu and the two we ordered paired well with the desserts. We have already made a wish list of drinks we’d like to try whenever we visit next and we intend to learn more about them too.

Kaffa Beans boasts of a really cool décor; brick walls, trusses and pipes lend the place an industrial feel while the art on the walls soften the warehouse effect. There are shelves with coffee makers and other related products, a kitchen that you can see the busy chefs working in and you can pick from comfortable couches to more practical chairs and tables on which to sit, sip and eat! Specialty coffee is still a relatively new concept in Dubai and Andy’s dedication to the type is commendable. If you, like us, would like to gather more knowledge about specialty coffee and have a tasty bite to eat while you’re at it, then Kaffa Beans is the place for you!
PS: Dubai Silicon Oasis is not as far as you think it is.