Restaurant Review:
Jodhpur Royal Dining

Roda Al Murooj Hotel
Downtown, Dubai

On hearing the name Jodhpur, one can’t help but conjure up magical images of royalty, culture, indulgence and of course, divine delicacies that are characteristic of this majestic Indian state! Thus, when we were invited for a food tasting at Jodhpur Royal Dining at the Murooj Rotana, Downtown Dubai, we went in with such imaginings and a lot of eagerness to see whether the restaurant will do justice to its vibrant namesake.

Part of the Murooj Rotana yet situated in a standalone section of the resort style hotel, Jodhpur Royal Dining promises you food that will get you nostalgic while simultaneously surprise you with its unique and contemporary touches. On arrival, we met with Executive Chef Pradeep Khullar, the imaginative mind behind the RETRO INNOVATIVE concept and artistic grub on offer at Jodhpur.

Pre-starter & Amuse Bouche:

  • Jeera Khari with Herb Yoghurt: Indian puff, dredged with caraway seeds & served with herb yoghurt.
  • Macaron Chaat: Macaron stuffed with tangy filling & served as chaat.​​
An integral part of childhood, the Khari biscuits are simple treats that both Indian parents and children indulged in and still have fond memories of. Thus, when this made its way to our table accompanied by a delicious dip, you can bet all the memories of enjoying the beloved puff crackers as kids came flooding back.

The Macaron Chaat did not just charm us but was such a distinctive treat that we asked for seconds! Where once macarons used to be thought of as desserts only, Jodhpur changed that mindset with this creative add-on to the classic chaat. 


  • Achari Jhinga, Pan Grilled, Beet Carpaccio: Pan grilled sweet water Jumbo Prawn marinated in Pickle spices, served with Beet Carpaccio for the crunch on side.
  • Roomali Paneer Tikka, Greens Crunch, Chives Cream: Thin sheets of paneer wrapped over the basil and coriander pesto, drizzled with chives cream with crunch of crisp Spinach & Kale
  • Raan, Gosht Pepper Brushed, Sesame Lavash: 24 hours braised goat leg stewed with Bhoot Jolakia & finished in tandoor marinated with Chipotle Cream.

Each time something was placed on our table we played a guessing game and while we would manage to correctly predict an ingredient or two, most of the times we were left astounded when the actual dish was described. And looking at the above, wouldn’t you be too? The Roomali Paneer just melts in your mouth and with the inclusion of spinach and kale, you can further pacify yourself that whatever you’re eating is healthy. We are huge fans of Raan but never in our wildest dreams would we have thought of blending that with Chipotle cream, but Chef Khullar did and it turned out brilliant. One half of Stamps and Stubs is not a fan of seafood, but even they couldn’t get enough of the incredibly flavorful Achari Jhinga, so I guess that sums up what we thought about all the starters.
We took a break with the Palate cleansers, Fresh Alphonso Mango sorbets spiked with Kaffir Lime and dehydrated cranberries that arrived in adorable little Hawkins pressure cookers, more nostalgic symbols!

Prior to the main courses, we were served crisp Papads with an assortment of delightful dips, the most unique one being the one infused with popcorn!
Now for the Mains:
  • Keema 'Pygmy' Pao, Masala Foie Gras, Red Radish: Green Chillies spiked Lamb mince topped with paper thin red radishes & garam masala foie gras. Served with Butter seared miniature Pao (buns).
  • Murgh Maska, Roasted Chicken, and Butter Gravy: Chicken Tikka draped in velvety smooth classic makhni gravy and served with paprika quail egg.
  • Jodhpuri Kadhi, Crispy Besan Cannelloni, Nadru Pappad: Lotus Stem chips, Quinoa coated crispy fried Khandavi stuffed with Spinach, served with Kadhi
  • Chur-Chur Kulcha: Tandoori Indian flaky pastry stuffed with mixture of paneer and layered with ghee cooked in tandoor.


As if the names and preparations weren’t unexpected enough already, everything we consumed hit us with such a burst of zests and essences that we felt like we had arrived at some sort of food paradise. We absolutely loved the mains with the Keema Pygmy Pao and the Murgh Maska winning over all our senses. The Kadhi, although tasty, slightly paled in comparison to its must more appetizing non-vegetarian counterparts. The Chur Chur Kulcha was the perfect crumbly accompaniment and is so scrumptious that it can be eaten on its own too!

And finally, the Desserts:

  • Chocolate Hazelnut Malai Torte: German Torte made with Hazelnut Malai & reminds you of Ferrero Rocher
  • Malai Tilla Kulfi, Freeze Dried Fruits: Stick Kulfi, coated with Pistahio slivers & freeze dried fruits.
  • Saffron Jalebi, Mascarpone Rabdi, Gold Dust: Crisp miniature Jalebis accompanied with Mascarpone Rabdi. Dredged with Gold Dust.
  • Strawberry Basil Gelato
Once we got past the opulent presentation of the dessert platter, we swiftly sunk our teeth into the velvety and refreshing Malai Tilla Kulfi. Till date, whenever we are in Delhi, we consider our trip incomplete if we haven’t devoured the famous Tilla Kulfis in the city and we must say Chef Khullar’s version was pretty darn good! The Jalebi tree with Mascarpone Rabdi was our second favorite in the platter and a pleasant surprise to boot.

All in all, we had a spectacular dining experience at Jodhpur. It wasn’t just the creativity and food that captivated our senses but we were floored by the hospitality and attention to detail as well; royal is right. The pleasant Oliver who served us with smiles and anecdotes, would replace our plates after every dish so as not to mix the flavors, while Chef Khullar would appear seconds after anything arrived at the table to take us through the preparations, inspirations and more behind the dishes. As the aromas invaded our nostrils and the food, our senses, we had just one thought in mind when the exquisite experience came to an end; we can’t wait to be back!