Restaurant Review:
Icons Coffee Couture

Trade Centre Area

Hailing from Germany, Icons Coffee Couture is a lifestyle coffee chain that comprises of a variety of coffee blends (obviously), teas, sandwiches, salads and desserts; the unique selling proposition being that all their preparations are healthy! Icons’ sugar-free bakery items and beverages have been sweetened naturally with zero calorie sweetener STEVIA, a sugar substitute that is extracted from the leaves of the plant species of the same name. We visited the World Trade Center branch for a tasting and discovered a lovely blend of healthy and tasty treats!  
There are a selection of deli items that you can pick from their display and we went for the Brown bread salmon sandwich and Pesto Pasta salad with Mozzarella and tomatoes. Simple and healthy as they were, these items made for a nice start to the session but the desserts were on our minds! For our drinks, we opted for the Vanilla Ice Cream Latte and the Brownie Frappe, both delightfully healthful! The brownies at Icons are gluten-free, the sweetener Stevia and the saccharinity in the ice creams comes from dates! So basically everything is natural and nutritious. With this in mind, we couldn’t wait to try the desserts. Sans any guilt we chose the Sugar-free Carrot Cake and the hot gluten-free brownie with a generous scoop of sugar-free Vanilla ice cream and Caramel drizzled all over! How great do those sound and trust us we could barely tell that these were sugar-free but we sure felt great after eating them (Who wouldn’t when you know you’re eating desserts that are WHOLESOME and taste great)
Icons Coffee Couture has a wide selection of natural, high-fiber, sugar-free, gluten-free, low fat, low calorie options that blend great taste and healthy components. We also quite liked the warm and understated interiors of the restaurant which sort of further allude to the couture aspect of its name. On the whole, it was pretty interesting to discover more about the healthy yet elaborate food, drink and dessert on offer at Icons and we look forward to trying out more of their menu and feeling absolutely free of guilt after!