Restaurant Review:

Pier 7, Dubai Marina

A comfortable, warm, Bohemian setting, views of the Dubai Marina and food that smells, looks and tastes great; you guessed it right, we’re talking about Fumé Dubai! Fondly and rightly titled ‘your neighborhood eatery,’ Fumé is the creation of a group of friends who gathered for a barbeque, decided to smoke the salmon and ended up with a dish that was a hit. This got them wondering about why more traditional, home-style methods of cooking are not employed in the present day and thus Fumé was invented! Channeling memories and emotions, Fumé presents unique dishes from across the globe that have been created using techniques that are often used by moms the world over. We too are quite fond of Fumé and have been to the restaurant many a time, sometimes as bloggers and sometimes just for a relaxing night out. Earlier this year, we were invited to try out the Donut Cones, Rainbow Bagels and Freakshakes prior to their launch and at our most recent session, we sampled Fumé’s distinctive dinner menu.
Here’s everything we had:


  • Fried Calamari, Thai Chili Sauce And Fresh Lime
  • Crispy Duck, Watermelon And Cashew Salad With Hoisin Sauce
  • Tofu Crispy With Black Pepper Sauce

The appetizers were great! Freshness was rife in the salad and we were divided about what our favorite was because all three were brilliant. Eventually, one half of Stamps & Stubs picked the tofu as their favorite while the other one, a big fan of duck, went for the salad. The combination of ingredients in the salad made for a flavorful treat!

  • Hot Smoked Norwegian Salmon, Teriyaki Sauce And Pickled Cucumber
  • Italian Burrata, Basil Pesto And Heirloom Tomato
  • Honey And Chili Marinated Chicken
  • Eggplant Parmigiana

We’ve mentioned in earlier reviews that one half of Stamps and Stubs isn’t big on seafood, so when that half gobbles a fish dish rapidly, you can bet it’s delicious. We also especially loved the teriyaki-salmon blend. The fresh Burrata was appetizing but not the best we’ve had while the Eggplant Parmigiana was a delight. By far, one of our favorite eggplant dishes which we think it will appeal to those who aren’t too fond of eggplant too because the lavish plateful of cheese dominates the dish!  As far as the chicken goes; beware because it is quite spicy and one of us couldn’t eat it after a couple of bites. However, spicy food enthusiasts will love it.  

  • Date And Banana Pudding, Custard And Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Girls, 12 Inches Of Pleasure, Salted Caramel Chocolate Éclair

What a sweet way to end the day! A glance at the menu had us make up our minds that the cheekily named, 12 inches of pleasure would be the winner in this category but boy, were we wrong or what! Although the éclair wins for its name and appearance, it was the date and banana pudding that emerged triumphant in the taste wars. There is so much going on in this pudding that every bite we took got an exclamation of praise from us. We were left licking our spoons as we finished the pudding. This is not to say that the éclair was not tasty, it just couldn’t compete with the former and was quite reminiscent in taste to the sweet Rainbow bagel that Fumé serves during breakfast.

We enjoyed our tasting even more owing to the fact that it was ladies night (Tuesday) and there was live music! Overall, Fumé does complete justice to being called ‘your neighborhood eatery,’ and offers not just comfort food but also the coziness that you look for in a place after a long day or when you’re away from home.