Restaurant Review:
Fish Market

Radisson Blu Hotel

Deira Creek, Dubai UAE

When Zomato host a meet-up you can bet it's gonna be the perfect blend of fun and great food and this one was no different (although it was definitely more interactive than others have been and we loved that).

Situated in the Radisson Blu and looking out onto the Deira creek, Fish Market is pretty much a Dubai institution having opened its doors in 1989! So, this wasn't just an evening filled with food and conversation but there were competitions too, 3 to be precise (this is where I joked about how we probably have to win and earn our food).

In the first round we had to guess the ingredients in two salads we tasted. The 2nd one had us sort of prepare a dish that would be judged by the uber talented Chefs in attendance while the third had us don chefs hats and prepare dessert - fruit sushi after the Chef taught us how to. In each round, the one with the most correct answers and favorable reviews emerged triumphant.

Moving to the food, we began our meal with French fries and Garlic bread, both of which were alright but those weren't what we were waiting for. The appetizers we were waiting for finally arrived and I must say they were delicious! The calamari was good but the Tiger prawns in Lemon butter garlic sauce was HEAVENLY. It is a must have.

For the mains, we devoured grilled Hallwa fish with herbs, lobster with thai chilli sauce (too spicy for me, I managed just a bite), Snapper in some sort of Thai sauce (loved this) and scallops in my most preferred garlic butter sauce (great too). Dessert made me the happiest though, we had a coconut mousse with pineapple compote, salted caramel sauce and a Base made of coconut biscuit and it was divine. The perfect indulgence after a spectacular meal. 

Going back to the entertainment, the games were loads of fun and although I won nothing (the husband won the last game  [😀] ) it was a thrill a minute to try my hand at the different challenges and actually get a minute understanding of the intricacy of a Chefs job.

The highlight for me other than the food and games was meeting and interacting with Chef Uwe Micheel (President of the Emirates Culinary guild & Director of Kitchens at the hotel), another Dubai institution who I remember often spotting in UAE magazines as a child and even now imparting his culinary wisdom to aspiring Chefs and others. 

Once again, Great meet up zomato!