Restaurant Review:

Four Seasons Resort

Jumeirah Beach, Dubai UAE

Right from the time you arrive at the Four Seasons property, you know you're up for something special.Located in the restaurant village, Coya stands out. Upon walking in, you are whisked through the bar area and greeted with hip music and a swanky crowd, straight into the main dining room.  

Even though there were a number of waiters and attendees, it was tough to get anyone's attention first. However, when we did, our waiter took good care of us, taking us through the menu, sharing his favourites and popular dishes and recommending the quantity of food needed to have a full meal. We ordered one drink - the sol y mar. I'd give this a skip as its 80% ice leaving you with a cold water drink eventually after the flavour runs out. 

Now to the food - no complaints, only praises!

We ordered 3 starters - the Par go a la trufa (red snapper ceviche) Cangrejo (crab tacos) and the Maki roll de salmon. All recommended! Mind you, the maki roll is heavy!!  in addition, you are also served crackers with Guacamole which was rich, creamy and extremely delectable.

For the mains we had the arroz nikkei (chillean se bass with risotto) SO YUMMY and the filete corvina which was delicious too. We could have done without the "patatas bravas" even though it was tasty as at this point we were too full.  

However we did have dessert, the chocolate fundido, I'd HIGHLY recommend it (even if you're full, you'll make room for it)

The ambience was great. It was crowded and loud but extremely enjoyable and the perfect place for a special occasion! It's no wonder that Coya's rated as one of the top new restaurants to eat at in 2016 by CNN, the only restaurant from Dubai to make it to the list!