Restaurant Review:
Carnival by Tresind


If you reside in the UAE, chances are that you have heard of and probably even eaten at Tresind, the progressive Indian fine dining restaurant situated at the Nassima Royal Hotel in Dubai, one of the pioneers of the concept of molecular gastronomy in the city. Well, Tresind is now back with their second outing, Carnival by Tresind, which is located in Dubai’s chic and lively corporate area of DIFC and offers diners a taste of ‘postmodern Indian food.” We have had the opportunity to try the newbie out twice already; once earlier this year at Taste of Dubai and a week ago at a blogger tasting session.
We’ve been blown away by the theatrics at Tresind and were positive that Carnival would possess the same amount of, if not more, drama and flair! And indeed it does. When you enter the restaurant itself you are greeted by interiors that are both classy and vibrant with gilded trees and colorful umbrellas complemented by warm lighting and shades. Once seated at your table, you are further welcomed with bubbles; slightly awkward yet still fun!
Once we were done gazing at the interiors, it was time for the eating to begin and thus the courses began arriving at our table. Here’s everything we ate & drank:


  • Smokin’ Martini
  • Berry Blast
  • Scary Friend
  • Boiling Skull
Happy HalloweenPumpkin And Cheddar Dabeli
Makhan PhalCocoa Butter Hive, Avocado And Lime Cream
Dal Phulka - Yellow Lentil Cappuccino, Phulka Cookie, Fresh Truffle Ghee, Cumin Cocoa
Life is short eat dessert first - Jalebi Chaat, Yogurt Mousse, Potato And Chickpea
Meatalicious - Grilled Lamb Chops
Pullinji - South Indian Ginger Prawns, Palm Sugar Caramel, Curry Leaf Crisp 
Vada Pav Service - Classic Vegetarian Snack of Mumbai Mill Workers
Malai Baraf (a palate changer) - Litchi Granita, Raspberry Rose Water, Milk Skin
Airline Chicken - Tandoori Chicken Terrine, Curry and Bread - Served Like an Economy Class Chicken Meal
Nandu Curry - Soft Shell Crab, Chili and Sesame Curry, Steamed Appam
Carta Farta - Steamed Seabass En Papillote, Malabar Style Bouillabaisse, Lemon Rice
Bun Maska
Rustom’s Inspired by Bombay’s Famous K Rustom’s Ice Cream Sandwich
Chaat Wala - Guava Parfait, Strawberry Chaat Masala, Caramelized Boondi
You need to pace yourself to get through a meal of this stature! Out of everything we ate, what we really enjoyed were the:

  • Pumpkin And Cheddar Dabeli
  • Jalebi Chaat (even more so because of its name that we wholeheartedly agree with
  • Grilled lamb chops
  • South Indian Ginger Prawns
  • Vada Pav (a lot of its appeal is in the way it is brought to your table in a colorful tool box and prepared right in front of you, they are also flexible with the spice level which was great for us as one half of Stamps and Stubs eats no spice)
  • Nandu Curry (excellent taste and flavors and pairs well with the Appams)
  • Carta Farta (The seabass is cooked in professional cooking foil that keeps the flavors inside and we loved it)

While the drinks and desserts were delicious, refreshing and unique, what really got us excited were the presentations! While the Smokin Martini and Boiling Skull seemed like they were right out of Snape’s Potions class at Hogwarts, the Scary Friend and Berry Blast with their lights and funny accompaniments kept us entertained as we ate! The charm of the Chaat Wala was in how much it resembled Art (quite a tasty and creamy twist to fruits to boot). The Rustom, which came in a little house with a bakery on the lower level and a balcony housing our ice cream sandwich on top, conjured up memories of doll houses and other such!

On the whole, Carnival by Tresind is rife with drama and performances, in even heavier doses than Tresind. The vivacity of the restaurant definitely trumps the food but regardless, Carnival by Tresind does justice both to its name and that of its predecessor.