Restaurant Review:
Cafe Des Artistes

Box Park, Dubai

We find it really hard to stay away from Box Park and its effervescence, colors and top-notch restaurants and shops for long and so when a recent invite took us back there, we were only too happy to accept! We attended a tasting session at the brand new, sparkling Café des Artistes, a French fine-dining restaurant that was all of eight days old when we visited! Grace and sophistication that is reminiscent of Paris are ubiquitous at Café des Artistes and everything from the furniture and décor to the service and ambiance radiate refinement. We honestly felt like we’d stepped into a distinguished Parisian mansion! The restaurant also carries lovely artisanal products and an extensive selection of multifarious chocolates.  
Here is everything we had at our tasting:


  • Lavender Lemonade
  • Frozen Saffron & Melon Cocktail


  • Sea Bass Carpaccio
  • Lamb Burgers in Pumpkin Seed Bread
  • Open Back Sultan Ibrahim

As we were deciding on our food and drink, we were served a complimentary bread basket with delicious mushroom butter and lemon infused oil! Between sips of our refreshing drinks that would be extremely welcome in the upcoming sweltering months, we began gnawing our way through the Sea Bass Carpaccio. Delicious! A must have for seafood lovers which brings us to the Sultan Ibrahim, the famous Emirati fish. The seafood fan amongst us was greatly impressed by this fish dish and loved the presentation, preparation and accompaniments in this one. Surprisingly, the other half of Stamps and Stubs that isn’t too fond of seafood also quite liked this one, apart from the presentation. The tender fish along with flavorful couscous made for a lovely main. However, it was undisputed that the lamb burger was the ultimate winner. Another place that we’d undoubtedly recommend the lamb burger at!  

  • Vanilla Mousse with Blackcurrant on a Biscuit Base
  • Chocolate Brownie Dome

How can we resist some decadent French desserts? We got a little adventurous with the Vanilla & blackcurrant dessert as we weren’t able to gauge the amount of blackcurrant in it at first and multiple glances. It was such a perfect cylindrical sweet treat that we had to have it. While we did enjoy it, we found it quite heavy on the blackcurrant and the tang was a bit much. No complaints whatsoever with the chocolate brownie dessert and we knew we could always fall back on trustworthy and uber tasty chocolate!

All in all, it was very pleasant to dine in French luxury in the heart of bustling Box Park and we are still in awe of the desserts on offer at Café des Artistes. We are definitely going back for more Parisian style indulgence!