Restaurant Review:
Burger Joint NY

City Walk, Dubai

Originally from New York City, Burger Joint NY brings the quirkiness, energy and straightforward, stateside burgers characteristic of the metropolis to its central location at City Walk Dubai. As you enter the multi storey restaurant, brick walls rife with colorful graffiti welcome you while ladders and railings reminiscent of New York’s labyrinth of fire escapes give you an authentic feel of the city! Taking the feel a touch further are the menus; torn slabs of cardboard boxes with the food, drink and dessert scrawled on both sides. We quite liked that! The selection though is pretty small, even more so if you don’t eat beef because you’re left with just one chicken option made only one way.

Moving on, here’s what we had:

  • Cheese Fries
  • Lotus Milkshake
  • Urban (Bubblegum & Watermelon)
  • Southwest Chicken Burgers
  • Homemade Brownie with ice cream

Topped off with two cheeses, the fries made for a good starter and went well with everything else we ordered. The Lotus milkshake was a nice treat but would have been even better had it been of a thicker texture and ended up being trumped by the unique Urban, which proved to be the ideal thirst-quencher! The burgers were simple and tasty and while they may look small, they are actually quite substantial. Also, we get that the restaurant is committing itself to offering genuine American flavors, yet some diversification in its burgers would give it more of an edge.

It was finally time for the homemade brownie; faultless in every way, this soft, rich, decadent treat seamlessly garnished with ice cream that takes nothing away from it, emerged as the clear winner of the entire meal.

Burger Joint NY stays true to its roots and offers unpretentious, flavorsome food but as we said, a little nonconformity might not be such a bad thing. To sum up, why visit Burger Joint NY? Well, the service was prompt and pleasant, the decor charming and the ambiance cool, and with that scrumptious brownie on the menu, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to wisely use up your calories on a treat that deserves them.