Restaurant Review:

Beach Road, Jumeirah 3

Baku, Azerbaijan sends us its much loved desserts and drinks place, Boombalambuz that has opened its doors on Beach Road, Jumeirah. It’s a cheery little shop with a few tables but a wide selection of drinks and desserts all presented in funky ways! The menu comprises of ice creams, freakshakes, Ice Tea, Mojitos, Hot coffee blends, cold coffee blends, Frappuccino blends, Hot chocolate and hot white chocolate drinks!  
At our recent session we tried two of their Freakshakes:

  • Pistachio Baklava
  • Nutella and Pretzels

At first glance, the presentations of both drinks delighted us immensely! Arriving on a wooden board with an artistic scattering of Pistachios and pretzels respectively, the jars were filled to the brim with different toppings and generous amounts of Baklava and Nutella. The one we liked best though was the Nutella and Pretzel freakshake; honestly what a combination! That is not to say that the former wasn’t good but it fell short of the latter, that’s for sure.
Overall, we quite liked the simple yet vibrant little restaurant with the interesting name and diverse menu of sweet treats and drinks. The next time we do visit Boombalambuz would be for some of their ice creams that we spotted during our visit!