Restaurant Review:
Bean There Bistro

Millenium Airport Hotel
​Garhoud, Dubai

Abela & Co was established nearly five decades ago in Dubai and is one of the leading food service management companies in the UAE. One of us went to a school which had all its meals including lunch and tea catered by Abela & Co and so we were quite intrigued about the Group’s latest retail venture, Bean there bistro.

Bean there bistro is located in the Millennium Airport Hotel and features an interesting, straightforward menu comprising of breakfast, lunch and dinner items from around the world. Before we get to the food, we must mention the one thing that especially stood out, was the décor. Fresh and bright, the restaurant possesses a wall that sprouts actual foliage owing to a detailed watering system working behind the scenes. Moreover, the bar has been manufactured with a block of wood imported from Indonesia. Loved the attention to detail!
Now for the food, here’s what we had:


  • Crab Cakes: Sautéed Golden Brown Crab Cakes With Arugula And Sun-Dried Tomato Aioli
  • Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls: Shredded Medium Spiced Buffalo Chicken Spring Rolls With Blue Cheese Dressing
  • Vegetable Pakoras With Mint Chutney  
Salads & sandwiches

  • Marinated Beet & Goat Cheese: Marinated Beetroot, Grapefruit, Oranges, Pistachios, Goat Cheese, Fresh Spinach And House Vinaigrette
  • The Bean There: Open Halloumi And Moutabel Sandwich With Watercress, Mint And Chili

  • Salmon Beurre Blanc: Premier Fillet Of Salmon With Sauce Beurre Blanc And Fresh Garden Vegetables
  • Travelers Chicken (From The Islands To India): Tender Curried Chicken, Spiced Chickpeas, Light Slaw Mix And Fresh Paratha Bread Served With Caribbean Hot Sauce

Out of everything we had, our favorites were the beet and goat cheese salad, the bean there sandwich and the salmon beurre blanc! These three dishes were hearty, healthy and piquant. We’ve always enjoyed Halloumi and Moutabel on their own but after feasting on the ‘Bean there,’ we wondered why this combination had never crossed our minds and intend to keep frequenting Bean There Bistro for this one! The travelers chicken is a refreshing mix of flavors but it was the name that we found quite clever and apt considering the restaurant’s proximity to the airport and relevance to passengers. We paired the food with a Vanilla Frappe and one of the mocktails they offer.

  • Red Velvet Cake: Perfectly Moist, Velvety Sponge, Frosted With A Smooth Hand Whipped Vanilla Cream Cheese

Earlier in this review, we mentioned that one of us went to a school that had all its meals catered by Abela & Co, and one of the highlights of these meals was always the desserts! We used to wait with bated breath for the dessert of the day and most days saw us kids try to get more than one serving of the luscious mousses, pies and puddings! With this thought in mind, we waited excitedly for the finale; the red velvet cake that we’d been seeing a lot of lately. Now, the only time we absolutely loved red velvet desserts were when they were brand new in the market and in recent times, we’ve always been left disappointed whenever we’ve opted for red velvet cakes for dessert. Well Bean there bistro broke that jinx! The red velvet cake here is a must try and perfectly moist is not an exaggeration. The cake’s fluffy texture unites with the cream cheese frosting and Bean there’s secret ingredient for that extra zest thus resulting in a red velvet cake that is ace!

On the whole, Bean there bistro is auroral and atmospheric and a nice space for some decent food and brilliant red velvet cake (we insist you leave room for this whenever you’re eating at Bean there). Additionally, with the weather getting better by the minute, Bean there bistro’s comfortable outdoor Shisha terrace should figure on your list of places to chill at this winter!