Dental Procedure Review:
Bay Avenue Dental Centre

Business Bay

Teeth Whitening  

We were recently invited to the Bay Avenue Dental Centre, located in Business Bay, to undergo a cleaning and teeth whitening session. Prior to any teeth whitening procedure, the teeth will first have to be cleaned even more so to be able to gauge the amount of sensitivity you may be suffering from and whether your gums bleed profusely or not. Once the preliminary stages were complete, the teeth whitening procedure, which lasts between 40 minutes to an hour (varying from person to person), begins. Here are more details about the process:

There are several ways of whitening the teeth. The method chosen for Anoop was the office teeth whitening with Opalescence gel without the use of light. This method was chosen for him as this decreases the sensitivity during & post whitening (The method is chosen depending on the condition of each individual patient).
Steps in teeth whitening;

1) Scaling & polishing of teeth (teeth cleaning- where we remove the deposits & stains on the teeth)
2) Checking the pretreatment shade of the teeth on the teeth shade guide.
3) Isolation of the gums with gingival dam.
4)  Application of whitening gel -20 min session.
5) Removal of the gel with suction & application of new gel for 20 minutes
6) Removal of gel & assessing the color change with teeth shade guide.
7) If patient satisfied with color change then removal of gingival dam & patient instructions.
8) Reassessment of the color change after 48 hours