Restaurant Review:

The Mall
​Beach Road, Dubai

If you’ve ever wanted to step into the past and get a little taster of what life was like back then, then Ayam Elezz is the place to go to. This restaurant offers you a glimpse of 1960s Lebanon, with tradition visible across all the elements of the restaurant, from its food to its décor! Made to resemble the dining area and verandah of a Lebanese house from the past, you eat your meal amidst some lovely olden day relics like a transistor, gramophone (which still works), crates of the old Pepsi bottles, photographs of families from that period and other such.
Moving on to the food and drink, here’s everything we had:


So, we opted for the Lemonade with Basil and the Ayam Elezz cocktail which was piled high with cream, jelly and more. We were happy with our choices until the Manager came over to our table and suggested a drink that he said would trump the other two and boy was he right! The highlight of Ayam Elezz’s purely Lebanese lemonade, the Lemonade Batrouniye, is that the restaurant replicates the process of creating this drink that was and is followed in parts of Lebanon even today. Freshly squeezed oranges and lemons are squeezed by hand, chilled and then topped off with orange blossom and rose thus making for a refreshing treat! When this came to our table, we couldn’t help but agree with the Manager that it did indeed leave the other drinks far behind!
Hot & Cold Mezze

Prior to the appetizers, we were served some delicious zaatar topped bread with two dips; we couldn’t get enough of the Feta + Labneh one!

  • Hummus Ayam Elezz
  • Kebbet Lentil
  • Mhammara
  • Mjaddara
  • Fattet Djeij
  • Grilled Halloumi
  • Fattoush
  • French Fries

If you are a frequent eater of Lebanese cuisine, you might think the above mentioned items sound familiar and probably taste like they do at other places as well. However, Ayam Elezz adds their own special, traditional touches to the different items! The flavorful Humus perfectly complemented the freshly baked, warm bread while the Mjaddara (an item we were trying for the first time) that blends white rice with lentils was both light and tasty and appeared to be an Arabic version of popular Indian dish, Khichdi! If you enjoy Fatteh, the Fattet Djeij is a must-have!

  • Shish Taouk
  • Kebab Izmirli

Yes, there was still more to go and we were only too happy to make more room for it! The Shish Taouk was appetizing, however the Kebab Izmirli was our favorite! The Kebab Izmirli, minced lamb stuffed with Green and Red capsicum, Kashkawan Cheese and onion and served with French Fries, was both unique and scrumptious. The kebab and cheese combination floored us!

  • Raha Bil Ashta
  • Rice Pudding

The Raha Bil Ashta, a dessert that is a sort of jelly and marshmallow mix arrived in two flavors (we loved the Rose) and was garnished with pistachios and cream. A proper treat! We’ve been having a lot of rice pudding lately and haven’t been too happy with quite a few of them. However, the rice pudding at Ayam Elezz was wonderful! Creamy and sweet, but not too much, we couldn’t put our spoons down once we took the first bite!

We loved going back in time and eating our way through some delicious Lebanese delights prepared the traditional way; an experience that was further enriched by the restaurant’s cozy, warm and welcoming ambiance. We are definitely going back to Ayam Elezz for more and suggest that you give this restaurant a try too!