Restaurant Review:
Atelier M

Pier 7

Every Friday, the top deck of Pier 7 undergoes a transformation when the very popular Atelier M goes back in time and ushers in the exotic roaring twenties when a ‘secret brunch party turned into one of the most decadent events of the season!’ Reminiscent of the drama of the Great Gatsby and aptly titled Feathers & Pearls, the brunch features live entertainment, a delicious array of dishes that are brought right to your table and cocktails that perfectly pay homage to the bygone epoch. Atelier M has indoor and outdoor seating space (we loved the table allocated to us on the outdoor terrace) with every table embellished with feathers and pearls! With sweeping views of the Dubai Marina and super sweet Dubai winter weather, our brunch tasting at Atelier M was a true treat to the senses!

Here is everything we had from the decent selection on offer (as we don’t eat beef, we have left out the beef options on the menu but they have some good stuff for beef eaters):


Cucumber Avocado Gazpacho
Fine de Claire Oysters
Wild Mushroom Takoyaki
Burrata Herb Crostini
Cheese & Fresh figs


Marinated Prawns and Mussels
Truffle Porcini Risotto (finished in 36 months aged Parmesan wheel)
Homemade Chicken wellington


Green Beans
Creamy Potato
Vegetable Fried Rice

The Feathers & Pearls brunch is heaven for a cheese connoisseur but delightful even for those who aren’t! We thoroughly enjoyed the rich, tasty treats on offer and some of our favorites off the menu were the Burrata, Takoyaki, Truffle Porcini Risotto and the Marinated prawns and mussels. We paired the food with some innovative and great looking cocktails and indulged in some delicious cheesecakes, macarons and other pastries for dessert. After you’re done brunching, you are invited to head to the open upper deck of Atelier M to continue celebrating the lazy afternoon with a live DJ and some drinks at the bar. The sole downside is that service is a tad slow and servers continually get confused about what you have already received and what they still have to serve you (at least this was what we went through).

All in all though, the intermingling of the flavors of the food and drink at the Feathers & Pearls brunch with the sparkling ambiance make for a perfect Friday afternoon.
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