Restaurant Review:
Astoria Burger

University City

Lately Sharjah has been giving us a lot of reasons to head to the city and we don’t mind that at all, especially since one of us is a former resident of the Emirate. This time around we visited Astoria Burger, a quirky, no frills burger restaurant with a concise menu that is located close to University City Sharjah. One of us is a former student of the American University of Sharjah and this got us thinking about how much the area in close proximity to the University has changed. From having almost nothing outside of the University City area, there are now umpteen restaurants and many of them really cool!  
Here’s everything we had at our recent session:


  • Astoria Chicken Burger
  • Chicken BBQ burger
  • Spicy beef bacon burger
  • Cheese fries


  • Blue Ice
  • Passion Strawberry  
Loved the burgers! Each one a perfect combination of bun, patty and toppings! What’s more, they don’t even fill you up as much so you’ll definitely have room for the desserts on offer. The side we had was decent and overall, we were happy with our meal.

Now for the desserts, when we spotted them on the menu we knew we had to have them. Ice cream fans, lotus fans, chocolate fans, this one’s for all of you! We had the Lotus and chocolate soft serves and boy were they good.

A good burger always makes us happy and we can safely say that after eating at Astoria Burger, we were all smiles!