Restaurant Review:
Asian Wok

Dubai, UAE

For us, Asian food is a sort of comfort food that can be eaten anytime! Be it a craving, or when we can’t decide what to eat, Asian food ends up being one of the top contenders. We got the chance to try another Asian restaurant in Dubai when the cool people of Asian Wok treated us to a variety of food and dessert from the restaurant and what perfect timing; they sent it over on a weekend! As the name suggests, Asian Wok has a menu filled with delicacies from countries like Indonesia, China, Malaysia and more.

Moving on, here’s everything we had:

  • Crispy Chilli Chicken
  • Prawn Crackers
  • Nasi Goreng
  • Pot Stickers
  • Dessert Spring Rolls

The only thing that got a thumbs down from us was the crispy chilli chicken because well, it wasn’t crispy. Other than that, the Nasi Goreng was an absolute treat while the dipping sauce with the crunchy prawn crackers was excellent. The pot stickers and their accompaniment were also on point. The tangy meal was followed by a lovely and quite unique set of dessert spring rolls with a chocolate and custard combination. We are not usually fans of Asian dessert but this was an interesting one.

Overall, Asian Wok gets a Yay from us.

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