Restaurant Review:
Aprons & Hammers

The Beach

Another one for the seafood fans! We recently visited Aprons and Hammers at The Beach JBR for a tasting session of the new menu and boy, were we in food heaven or what. Aprons and Hammers at The Beach boasts of really eye-catching décor and the myriad of colors including the bright foliage covering one wall of the restaurant have literally caught our eyes on numerous occasions. The restaurant has another notable location, the dhow docked by the Mina Seyahi Beach Resort. When dining at Aprons and Hammers, prepare yourself for a lot of food, a messy affair (thus the aprons and hammers) and a whole lot of fun making that mess!  
Here’s everything we had:

  • Sweet Chili Crab Cakes: Home-Style, Crab-Loaded Recipe Served With Sweet Chili Sauce
  • Fresh Shrimp Cocktail: Chilled Plump Prawns Steamed And Served With A Secret Recipe Cocktail Sauce
  • Picanto Cheese Nuggets: Spicy Cheese And Jalapeno Nuggets Served With A Tasty Beetroot Sauce
  • Paella (Medium Pan): Slow-Cooked Rice Seasoned With Saffron, Paprika, Garlic And Olive Oil With A Generous Selection Of Fresh Local Seafood And Tender Veggies
  • Lobster Roll: Traditional Roll Sandwich Filled With Lobster Meat Soaked In Mango Sauce And Granny Smith On A Steamed Brioche Bread. Served With French Fries And A Side Of Greens
  • Lasagna Di Mare: Lasagna Baked With Shrimps, Lobster, Salmon And Fish
  • Mixed Bucket: 4 Pieces Of Crabs, 4 Pieces Of Shrimps & 2 Pieces Of Lobster. You Can Choose Your Sauce.

We paired the food with some Mint Lemonade. If you go through the descriptions of each, you will understand just how much food we had on the table and how painstakingly the dishes have been created. A Spanish dish originally, Paella at Aprons & Hammers contains the goodness of the original along with a twist by the restaurant’s Chef – we quite enjoyed it and don’t let the word medium fool you, the pan that this came in was massive (not a bad thing) and there were generous helpings of seafood thrown over it. The lasagna was the stuff of dreams for the cheese and seafood aficionado amongst us and every few bites of the dish had them exclaim “These are a few of my favorite things.” The Lobster roll was a favorite of the non-seafood fan amongst us and the freshness of the ingredients, especially the tangy pieces of the Granny Smith and the appetizing Brioche bun, made this versatile sandwich perfect! Now for the bucket; this is the part where you get the aprons on and pick up the weapons. Our amicable server Donald made life so much easier for us by giving us some cheat codes for swiftly getting the meat out of the crab legs and other such. Overall, we are thankful for the aprons and gloves for protecting our clothes (at least for the most part). It was also a lot of fun using the tools and prying the members of the bucket open and whenever we failed, Donald stepped in to adeptly and rapidly slice through the seafood (his talent was quite reminiscent of Edward Scissorhands).  We enjoyed our food with a nice view of the astounding fireworks display at The Beach that is on throughout the duration of the Dubai Shopping Festival.  
We ended the meal with their ‘sensational chocolate fondant,’ tiramisu and some Green tea. Both the chocolate fondant and the Tiramisu were great ways to end the lavish meal but were quite similar to any others we may have had elsewhere.

The novelty of some of the dishes on the restaurant’s new menu, like the Lasagna for instance, really impressed is. We honestly felt that even those not too fond of seafood would enjoy the lasagna and lobster roll! Overall, Aprons & Hammers’ new menu gets a YAY from us.