Restaurant Review:
Anatolia Turkish Grill

Ibn Battuta Mall

Dubai’s food scene doesn’t just keep evolving with new restaurants replacing old ones but existing restaurants too, reject monotony and give themselves or their menus a makeover in the process! One such restaurant is the Anatolia Turkish Grill, a restaurant we used to frequent when it had just opened its doors in 2011 at Ibn Battuta Mall. Initially, this was a Turkish restaurant that we swore by but gradually we felt that the taste of the food deteriorated and other Turkish restaurants took over on our list. We had a tasting of the revamped venue recently and here’s everything we had:


  • Ayran: Fresh, Salty Yogurt Drink
  • Portakal Suyu: Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
Appetizers (Prior to the meal, we received some fresh Turkish bread with a selection of Yoghurt based dips garnished with herbs)

  • Karisik Meze: Sampler Tray Of All Their Cold Appetizers With A Choice Of Salads Served In A Traditional Outfit.
  • Findik Peynirli Pide: Baby Cheese Pies

  • Beyti Kebap: A Skewer Of Ground Fresh Lamb Wrapped With Thin Dough And Served With Yogurt And A Dressing Of Tomato Sauce, Ghee And Pistachio
  • Karisik Kebap: A Sample Of Antolia’s Bestsellers Containing The Adana Kebap, Tavuk Izgara, Fistikli Kebap And Pirzola Served With Salad, Old Fashioned Fries And Bulgur Rice.

Anatolia Turkish Grill has upped its game once again and that made us really happy! The sampler tray of cold appetizers is a must have and from it, the Hummus, Muhammara, Cacik and Abaganus (the Turkish take on the Baba Ganoush) blew us away. These dips perfectly complemented the mains as well. The Pide; flatbread that is the Turkish equivalent of pizza, was delicious and a nice warm treat to alternate with the cold appetizers. The Beyti Kebap used to be our favorite off the menu when we were patrons of Anatolia Turkish Grill during its early days here but gradually felt that it lost the great taste that had initially wowed us. This time around, the Beyti Kebap was a step up from before and was reminiscent of the one that we used to eat earlier on. However, the winner from the mains were the Pirzola (lamb chops) and the Fistikli Kebaps from the mixed platter. Both lamb, every bite was a welcome mouthful of flavorful, well-cooked meat ideally supplemented by sides of rice, salads and fries.

  • Katmer: Layers Of Thin Pastry Stuffed With Kaymak (Fresh Turkish Cream) And Antep Pistachio Powder. Arrives Sizzling Hot And Soaked In Hot Syrup
  • Baklava

Who leaves a Turkish restaurant without having some rich dessert from the country? We definitely don’t. The traditional Baklava was a fresh, scrumptious treat but the Katmer was spellbinding. Uniting the awesomeness of Baklava with lush cream and syrup, the Katmer is both unique yet evocative of other desserts from Turkey.  

The Verdict: In our opinions, Anatolia Turkish Grill is slowly but surely going back to better as it was in 2011. We certainly are giving the restaurant another chance and hope to relive our memories of Turkey and its opulent cuisine at Anatolia Turkish Grill whenever we crave a bite from the country.