Get to know us!



Hi guys, welcome to our everything blog! We are Tanisha & Anoop, also known as Tanoop and with our blog we aim to cover anything and everything that interests us, pleases us, makes us think and gives us something to talk about.

Our predominant loves are food and travelling and quite a few times, both are linked, what with us preparing itineraries based on what restaurants we’ll be trying out at the different destinations we are traveling to.

Additionally, traveling helps expand ones horizon not just in terms of knowledge and experiences but also in that you get to try cuisines that would spellbind you in ways you would never have imagined (See how we associate everything with food?)

We also lucked out in terms of living in Dubai because this is a city where you can get your hands on practically every cuisine from the world over and then some (Thank Goodness we like going to the gym). Moving on, we met at a Romeo and Juliet play 8 years ago, have been married for the past two, have been traveling since we were toddlers (Tanisha’s first trip was at 6 months of age and Anoop’s at age 2 and since our wedding we’ve been to eight countries and 11 cities together) and we Live to eat in the truest sense of the idiom.

We hope you enjoy our blog and join us as we discuss our experiences with food, travel, events and more!